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Apar Games, the online game development venture of Apar Global Pvt. Ltd., began its journey in May 2007 in Mumbai, India. Within a span of 5 years with a process driven approach, commitment to quality and innovation, it has over 100 published titles across the globe. Apar games has not only established itself as a strong contender in the Indian online gaming industry but has also become a reliable partner to many developers in markets spanning the globe from China to Europe and America. With a combined experience of over 50 years, it offers services like Advergames, Porting casual games to online/smart phones/tablet, creating original 2D/3D games, social game development and Art outsourcing.
At Apar, we believe in a process driven approach for every project. This helps us in controlling production costs and timelines. Not only do we ensure a quality product, but being process driven also means faster turnaround time and lower costs. We use integrated development environment (IDE), version control softwares to ensure structured development pipeline, timely backup and facilitating multi user development. Innovation is part of each development process as we either use tools/engines written by ourselves for specific needs, or licensed/open source engines/tools, 2D/3D particle editors, 2D/3D physics engines, sprite editors and several others are some of the examples.
A full-proof bug tracking system helps us control the quality of the final product. QA begins along with the project development and every module is unit tested. Test methodology formation/Test cases writing are an integral part of this process.
Flow of information at both ends equally helps us improvise and create a better product. By using all modes of communication from UPS, conference call to video conferencing, Apar believes in encouraging the brainstorming generation in engaging conversations for better productivity.
We take utmost care of the data / information sent to us by our clients. We have all the information security majors like periodic backups, proxy server and firewall, version control, industry standard Antivirus, NDA, in-house surveillance and several others.
Being a part of the intensively innovative and competitive market, we believe in staying upbeat. Apar Games, headquartered in the commercial capital of the country therefore has the best infrastructure facilities to offer to its employees in order to increase the best quality and creative output according to the market demand.

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