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At Apar, we’re mad about games. We live, breathe, eat and sleep games. Our team consists of some of the most hardcore gamers you will ever come across. We believe that if you want to develop a fun, interesting and engaging game, you need to have fun @ work! Ask our team, we have the best times playing games at work! Not too many people can claim to do that.

We support our people with the best in terms of infrastructure and amenities. So if you’re as passionate about games as us, we’d love to have a chat with you about a career with us.
At Apar we have a simple philosophy; we have just 4 criteria to ascertain whether you fit into our scheme of things:
  • You play games
  • You talk about games for hours and hours and people call you mad
  • You were grounded for playing too many games
  • You know what Atari is, who John Carmack is and what is FPS
If you fit the above criteria, come have a chat with us.
For an exciting and fulfilling career in gaming mail us at:
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